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Mental health

Brisbane South PHN commissions a number of services for people experiencing all different levels of mental health issues. Our services fit within what we call a ‘stepped care model’, ranging from mild depression and anxiety through to severe, complex or crisis mental illness.


Brisbane South PHN commissioned services in our region

Low intensity mental health services

Service description

Low intensity mental health services aim to increase community access to evidence-based psychological interventions for people with, or at risk of, mild mental health illness; and to improve outcomes for these people.

Service providers


Artius has a wealth of experience in the delivery of mental health services across South East Queensland and aim to help people, businesses and communities to reach their potential. Artius offer a wide range of services from physiotherapy, psychology, employee assistance programs, manual handling courses, job search support, resume development, vocational training and much more.

Artius is commissioned by Brisbane South PHN to deliver low intensity psychological services across the whole region for the wider community. The program is provided in a mix of ways including: telephone and email support, peer training and education, online forums, digital resources, group sessions, one on one sessions, E Health interventions and video-conferencing depending on the needs of the individual.

Website: www.artius.com.au

Belong (formerly known as Acacia Ridge Community Support Inc.)

Established in 1989, Belong (formerly known as Acacia Ridge Community Support Inc.) is a not-for-profit community-based organisation that provides services and support to families, individuals and communities in a safe and respectful environment, delivering a range of programs and services in response to identified local needs and aspirations.

Belong is commissioned by Brisbane South PHN to deliver the beyondblue’s NewAccess program supporting people from the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community experiencing mild to moderate depression or anxiety through low intensity cognitive-behavioural therapy. The program model involves 6 free sessions with a NewAccess Coach, either face-to-face, over the phone or via telehealth.

Website: www.arcsi.org.au

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a mental health diagnosis, or GP referral to access this program. This program could offer you some support if you have been feeling stressed, unhappy, anxious or going through a rough patch in your life.

Child and youth mental health services

Brisbane South PHN has commissioned headspace to provide mental health support services for 12-25 year olds and assist in promoting young people’s wellbeing.

This covers four core areas; mental health, physical health, work and study support and alcohol and other drug services.

Service providers

headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to improve mental health outcomes for young people aged 12-25 years with or at risk of mild to moderate mental illness. headspace centres aim to be highly accessible, youth friendly integrated service hubs that respond, at a minimum, to mental health, general health, alcohol and other drug and vocational concerns of young people. The services aim to improve mental health outcomes by reducing help-seeking barriers and facilitating early access to services that meet the holistic needs of young people.

Early Psychosis Youth Services

From 1 July 2016 Brisbane South PHN assumed responsibility for commissioning the Early Psychosis Youth Services (EPYS) program through headspace Meadowbrook. The service is delivered through the headspace primary care platform, are known as the headspace Youth Early Psychosis Program (hYEPP).

The EPYS program provides integrated early intervention treatment and intensive support to young people aged 12 to 25 years who are at ultra high risk of, or are experiencing, a first episode psychosis. This program aims to provide a single point of entry for comprehensive evidence based treatment and support, as well as ease of access to varying levels of intensity of care for young people and their families, replacing often fragmented treatment and support pathways.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Program

Brisbane South PHN have committed to deliver an Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Program, currently being delivered through headspace Inala and headspace Meadowbrook in the form of the UHELP program.

The UHELP program is designed to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in a culturally appropriate way.  With the primary focus on physical, social and emotional wellbeing activities through a three tiered holistic group program. It also aimed to engage young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in need of mental health intervention into a health care service using established relationships. The program is built on a partnership with local community Elders and services.

Am I eligible?

Anyone aged 12 to 25 years is eligible to use the headspace services.

Do I need a referral?

You can self refer or be referred via your doctor.

Brisbane South PHN Commisioned Service Providers

Accessing headspace services

Brisbane South PHN works closely with the headspace national office and directly funds four headspace centres in the Brisbane South region. They include:

headspace Capalaba
1/29-37 Moreton Bay Road, Capalaba Qld 4157
P: 1300 851 274 F: 07 3102 9218

headspace Inala PCYC Inala
37 Swallow Street, Inala Qld 4077
P: 07 3727 5000 F: 07 3279 8444

headspace Meadowbrook
260 Loganlea Road, Meadowbrook Qld 4131
P: 07 3804 4200 F: 07 3804 4299

headspace Woolloongabba
182 Logan Road, Woolloongabba Qld 4102
P: 07 3249 2222 F: 07 3249 2299

Psychological Therapies

The Psychological Therapies Program provides treatment for people who experience mild to moderate mental illness and have barriers to accessing mainstream treatment options. Clients are able to access a number of defined therapy sessions delivered by an approved mental health clinician.

Service providers

Wesley Mission Queensland will provide intake, assessment and triage as well as Psychological Therapies Services targeted to vulnerable and/or socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.

World Wellness Group will administer the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) psychological therapies service including the intake, assessment and triage for corresponding referrals.

Am I eligible?

All clients must be socioeconomically disadvantaged, in addition to one of the below contributing factors:

  • living in rural and remote communities
  • being a child under the age of 12 years, who has been, or is at risk of, developing a mild to moderate mental illness, childhood behavioural or emotional disorder
  • experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness
  • experiencing perinatal depression/anxiety
  • being at risk of suicide or self-harm
  • identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and/or questioning
  • being an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Person
  • experiencing domestic and/or family violence
  • experiencing language and/or cultural barriers (CALD only).

Do I need a referral?

Yes, referrals can be from a GP, psychiatrist, paediatrician, community-based organisation (provisional referrals only).

Click here to download a fact sheet with frequently asked questions about the Psychological Therapies Program.

Severe and complex mental health services

Brisbane South PHN has two main programs addressing severe and complex mental health in our region.

Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program

Brisbane South PHN funds the Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program (MHNIP) for credentialed mental health nurses to be engaged by community-based general practices, private psychiatric practices and other appropriate organisations in our region. To find a health care provider with a mental health nurse please click below:

Mental Health Nurse incentive program providers.

Who is eligible?

People experiencing severe mental illness with complex needs which is significantly impacting their social, personal and work life the patient is at risk of being admitted to hospital in the future if clinical care coordination is not provided.

Do I need a referral?

Yes GP referral is necessary.


Please contact the following providers:

Name of service Address Contact
Algester Star Medical 10 Silkwood Street
Algester Qld 4115
07 3272 3688
Albert Street Medical 131-133 Albert Street
Logan Village Qld 4207
07 5547 0222
Camp Hill Healthcare 585 Old Cleveland Road
Camp Hill Qld 4152
07 3270 0000
Inala Primary Care 64 Wirraway Parade
Inala Qld 4077
07 3275 5444
Jimboomba Pharmacy Medical Centre Stockland Jimboomba, Shop 40, 17 Cusack Lane
Jimboomba Qld 4280
07 5540 3374
Life Promotion Clinic Griffith University Mount Gravatt Campus
AISRAP Building, Messines Ridge Road
Mt Gravatt Qld 4122
07 3735 3382
Sunnybank Hills General Practice 538 Compton Road (cnr Gowan Rd)
Sunnybank Hills Qld 4109
07 3711 1400



Partners In Recovery

The Partners In Recovery (PIR) program supports people with severe and persistent mental health issues with complex needs, along with their carers and families. This is achieved by coordinating multiple support services to address their needs and improve the overall health and wellbeing of participants.

Who’s eligible?

People aged 25 to 65 years who have a severe and persistent mental illness with complex unmet needs who need access to more than one service to address their needs.

Indicators of severity may be that the person:

  • is in receipt of the Disability Support Pension with mental illness being the primary reason
  • has had multiple hospital admissions due to a mental health diagnosis
  • has a psychotic disorder
  • receives mental health case management
  • is isolated and very functionally impaired as a result of their mental health condition.

Do I need a referral?

No, anyone – the person, friends, family, GP’s, health professionals, agencies, hospital and health services can all refer. Please fill in the PIR referral form (PDF).


For more information about the Partners In Recovery program please call the Brisbane South PHN Mental Health Services team on 1300 467 265 or speak with one of our partner organisation.

Service providers

Brisbane South PHN works in partnership with the below organisations to deliver PIR:

Brisbane South PHN has partnered with 10 non-government organisations that specialise in servicing the community with an understanding, empathetic approach that enable goals to be reached and lives to be changed. These partners are:

Brisbane South PHN has partnered with 10 non-government organisations that specialise in servicing the community with an understanding, empathetic approach that enable goals to be reached and lives to be changed. These partners are:






















07 3435 2600


Benevolent Society

07 3170 4600


Brook Red

07 3343 9282



07 3213 7100


Gallang Place Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation

07 3899 5041


Harmony Place – the Multicultural Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Inc in partnership with Karakan and Romero Centre, Mercy Family Services Queensland

07 38481600


Micah Projects Inc

07 3029 7000


Neami National

07 3375 7333


Richmond Fellowship Queensland

07 3363 2674


Stepping Stone Clubhouse

07 3847 1058
























Brisbane South PHN PIR welcomes your feedback to help us improve our service for participants, families and carers. Please complete our short survey to indicate if we are meeting your needs and those of other participants, families and carers. The surveys are voluntary and completely confidential: